Dr. Peter Schnall, Dr. Marnie Dobson and Dr. Bonkyoo Choi of the Center for Occupational and Environmental Health at UCI attended the recent APA-NIOSH biennial conference on Work, Stress and Health 2019 in Philadelphia on November 6-9.
They presented their work on developing a Healthy Work Survey based on the NIOSH Quality of Worklife survey intended to inform workers and management whether or not workers are exposed to sources of stress at work (work stressors). The survey is part of the new Healthy Work Campaign developed by the Center For Social Epidemiology in collaboration with colleagues from UCI COEH and Downstate Medical Center, NY. The new survey will be available online without charge in January 2020 on the website of the HealthyWorkCampaign, healthywork.org. In addition, 25 case examples of successful interventions to reduce work stressors have already been posted at the HWC website, and a description of them was part of a panel on the HealthyWorkCampaign presented at the conference.

COEH researchers present at 2019 APA-NIOSH Conference on Work, Stress, and Health